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Feeds for Bhante's Majjhima Nikaya Talks
-- INOFFICIAL -- Majjhima Nikaya Feeds

Firstly please take a look at the official DhammaSukha podcast on podbean: bhantevimalaramsi.podbean.com

and at the main Talks page on which these lists are based:
DSMC Talks : Suttas


All feeds bundled in one OPML-file
( for easy importing into compatible podcast apps .. )


Noble Eightfold Path Noble Eightfold Path Noble Eightfold Path Noble Eightfold Path


Plain text list of all 70+ Majjhima Nikaya feeds
( for manually adding to a podcast app )


Walktrough for getting Bhante's Talks into a podcast app ..

As Bhante's talks are counting towards 500,
separate feeds are provided according to Sutta-topic.

All Talks are organized by the Suttas Bhante has talked about.
These are currently for the 152 Majjhima Nikaya Suttas .. 73 podcasts
( occasionaly increasing ).

To import this List to a phone, there are two ways ( plus one workaround )

1. Dedicating a separate podcastApp for Bhantes's talks only. ( recommended )
2. Using a podcastApp that allows to organize feeds into folders.

Either way, whatever app is being used, requires the capability to import several podcasts from a OPML-file.
This OPML-file lists all these 73 podcasts, for easy import.

... ... ...

Yet even in cases where importing via this opmlFile won't work,
one might make the effort to add each of these 73 "suttaCasts" via their respective XML-address.
( this would be a workaround, as somewhat tedious .. )

... ... ...

All talks listed in these 73 SuttaCasts are linked to the original MP3-file hosted on DhammaSukha.org.
E.g: one talk listed in sutta 2 would be the same file from the same location as on https://talks.dhammasukha.org/suttas.html#mn-002.

So the talks loaded through these SuttaCasts are e.g: